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Preparing for Your Group Healing



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Preparing For Your Healing Tips To Prepare For Your Healing Session

Please note these important steps for your healing: 

  1. A healing can be bought for one-time (1x), three-times (3x), or six-times (6x) with a discount given at each level.

  2. The healing dates always take place at the same times each month so that I can accommodate group healings with individuals around the world. Group healings are essential to the philosophy of Money Reiki – all individuals rise in abundance in relation to each other. There is more abundance for the individual when the tribe, community and world increase in abundance.

  3. The healing dates are always at the same times each month: the FIRST TUESDAY of each month at 9 AM USA ET timezone and the THIRD THURSDAY of each month at 7 PM USA ET timezone. This is important to accommodate individuals around the world as well as make it simple to organize schedules. Please see the following timezone converter to find the time your healing will take place based on where you are in the world:

  4. You may decide to purchase more sessions if you feel that your money energy is deeply blocked. It’s also helpful to periodically get energetic tune-ups, on occasion. If you are unsure about how many healing sessions you would like, then be sure to just purchase one session at a time. Due to the time and energy involved in this process, there are no refunds.

  5. When you sign up for one or more sessions, it’s very important to know that you are signing up for specific healing dates based on your purchase date. Your sessions will always take place consecutively per the dates listed in #3 above. If for any reason, you do NOT want consecutive sessions, then please purchase one session at a time just before the healing date you would like.

  6. Relax. Give up control. Trust. I have been given special attunements to facilitate this healing, but it is the Universe and the Higher Powers that make it happen. Know that there is nothing that you can do wrong during the healing session. While it would be favorable to be quiet, relaxed and not distracted during the time of your healing, if you happened to be confused about the date, driving or working at the time, forget the time or be asleep, the energy is still just as powerful and IS reaching you.

  7. Money Reiki Healing can help individuals become aware of their patterns around money. Begin to notice if you have difficulty receiving. As best as you can, actively set daily intentions and strive to change behaviors when you become aware of any thoughts that hold back the flow of money, such as “I’m not good enough” or “It’s hard to make money.”

  8. Many people have several root issues around money. It’s helpful to clarify specifically what you’d like to heal or what you’d like to manifest in your life. You will receive clear instructions on how to do this and how to prepare for your session after you purchase your session(s).  It can also be helpful to choose a positive intention to focus on for each session, if you’d like. You might like to repeat this intention on a daily basis to focus and begin aligning your energy. An example of a positive intention could be “Money comes easily and frequently.”

  9. By purchasing one or more Money Reiki Healing Sessions, you agree to the above process.

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