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Jen The Rainmaker Tlàtoa [speaks]

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Who Is Jen The Rainmaker?

Jen The Rainmaker is a Chichimeca (ch-ee-ch-ee-meh-c-uh) Dream Warrior Temachtiani (tem-ah-ch-tee-on-ee) and Founder of DreamYOU University*. She has been called an Elder, Wisdom Carrier, Medicine Carrier, Dream Weaver, and Curandera by Elders and healers in her community. She was trained and continues to be trained under the oral tradition of Elders in the community.  These teachings have been passed down for thousand of years though the oral tradition of her ancestors and was preserved in secrecy to survive colonization. She has a sacred role and responsibility in the community. Jen The Rainmaker is also an Ambassador for Native and Indigenous Communities around the globe.


As a Native Dream Guide she has helped thousands of people transform their lives by teaching them an ancient body of knowledge to reprogram their subconscious while they sleep and how to plant dreams in their dream world and waking world.

In order to work with Jen The Rainmaker whether one on one or through the courses she teaches at DreamYOU University you must submit an application that is approved by the Dream Warrior Tribal Council. 

We don't put much information on our site because you either feel drawn towards the teachings or you don't. However we do have more information available upon request. 

*DreamYOU University is a Dream Warrior global Calmecac (pronounced call-mec-ah-c). A Calmecac according to oral tradition was a higher education learning institution reserved for leaders and people of power to be trained in many different areas. DreamYOU University Calmecac teaches students the ancient Dream Warrior practices and ancient dream symbols to consciously create their waking reality while they sleep.

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