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Welcome, get cozy and let's get to know eachother

I'm a Faithkeeper

In the Native American tradition, one member of the tribe assumes the role of "Faithkeeper." 

This person's role is to remain at peace, centered in spiritual vision, no matter what events befall the tribe. Even if everyone else in the tribe slips into pain, fear, or dissention, the Faithkeeper is the one person the tribe can rely on as a lifeline to the Presence. 

There is a place within all of us that is always connected to our higher being. That is the place I intend to stay for my community and clients. I hold space for them to tap into their highest potential.

The Tea About Me

​I was born on the East Side of San Jose, CA. I have a daughter named Angelina and I tell her often that she is a blessing.  We have a Maltese named Mr. Furly who likes to sneak out and visit the neighbors.  My brother Jesse and I were raised by our mother Lydia. I hated seeing my mom work so hard while still living check to check. I always had a vision of retiring my mom and helping millions of families like mine become financially free when I grew up.  

In 2002 after being in Corporate America for 5 years I started massage school where I was introduced to Reiki. I got my Reiki certification in 2004. I began a career as a massage therapist and had to end it suddenly when I began to experience numbness in my arms. 


A new opportunity was presented to me and I began a career in Real Estate as a Mortgage Saleseperson in 2005. In 2008 the market crashed and changed my focus to serve the needs of my clients. I began doing loan modifications and community workshops to educate people on their options. I noticed my clients relationships, health and spirituality were suffering. I wanted to do more to help them with their underlying issues around money. In 2009 I found out I was pregnant and I went back to corporate America in 2011 when I could no longer sustain supporting my family. I knew it would only be temporary because I have always been passionate about helping others and being self employed. 


I partnered with a financial services brokerage company in 2013.  I started a corporation in 2014 and became a Nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor. I also began a spiritual journey which lead me back to my medicine. I was helping families prepare for their future and talking to them about their financial goals and I realized I was treating the problem, not the root cause. There was no way I could continue my financial services practice without addressing my cient from a holistic approach. I felt like something was missing. It was during this time that I was told I needed to do money Reiki. My clients have said I have The Midas Touch and began calling me "The Money Healer." Since that time I have been reminded by elders that I am a medicine carrier, wisdom carrier and Curandera. I have since stepped into my power fully to share my medicine with others. In my community I am considered a "hollow bone". I am fascinated with learning new things, exploring my self, the world and I stay in a state of openness. 

I am a philanthropist / humanitarian. I volunteer as the Program Manager for CHOICES, which is a workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. I also volunteer my time with many other organizations in the community that teach financial literacy. I serve on the Board of Directors as the Senior Vice Presided for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and I am the Treasurer for the Discovery Bay Community Foundation.

I am an eleven-year financial industry veteran,  a Certified Financial Education Instructor, Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, and Licensed Life & Health Insurance agent. I was a trainer and was later promoted to Process Design Lead for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulatory requirements for a Fortune 10 company. I am the founder of UMPH INC. (est. 2014), an international financial education and services firm. I am also a lightworker and money Reiki practitioner. I work on clients who want help breaking through the blocks preventing them from achieving financial freedom.

I am a member of the Personal Finance Speakers Association. I believe that a strong financial education is the best investor asset, and I am passionate about teaching others the strategies and tactics used to become financially free.


Before deciding to work with me I invite you to review the code of ethics I apply to my work, my teachings and in my life.  

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