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Manifestation Community

 Manifestation Community


The Manifestation Community is ​here to help you manifest more money and the lifestyle you have been dreaming of. This community will help with the  spiritual energy of money and receiving. We will also provide tangible practical tips you can use to manifest an enriched lifestyle.


When you are attuned to the Spiritual Energy of Money and Receiving, you become part of a movement to increase the vibration of abundance around the world to one that is more generous, cooperative and egalitarian. You align yourself with the intention that you can and will earn more money and create with integrity by following your highest path.

Many of us have conflicting beliefs and energy around money, prosperity and abundance. We aspire to live well and to provide for our families, our employees, our animals and our communities. However, society and perhaps our own family have fostered beliefs that money  and abundance is bad or that we are not worthy of having plenty.

The truth is that you are worthy and deserve abundance in all areas of your life! Our Universe is unlimited and always expanding. As such, there is always more than enough in the Universe to provide for all. The Manifestation Community actually work to lift the negative energies not only for yourself, but for all others, creating harmony and abundance in the Universe.

Each month you will receive:


  • A Money Reiki Distance Healing Session that will align you with a higher energetic vibration, allowing money, wealth and abundance to start flowing to you with more ease. Each session heals the negative energies that you have collected and believe about money and your self-worth. These distance healing sessions powerfully heal the deep and sometimes hidden issues that keep you from living a life of true abundance. A life you deserve!

You will also get one or more of the following each month:


  • Money Meditations

  • Access to closed Facebook group where you can ask me questions live and message me

  • E-books

  • Webinars

  • Practical Tips and Tools

  • and Much More...

Before deciding to work with me I invite you to review the code of ethics I apply to my work, my teachings and in my life.  


Join our Manifestation Community NOW! ONLY $1.11 for first month THEN ONLY $11.11 a month and begin to experience the flow of more money and abundance. 

Let's Live Richly Together


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