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Dream Interpretation Sessions

My mission is to guide you to your dream life 


I infuse my corporate background, financial education and spiritual tools to give my clients a holistic approach to help them shed their old stories and create new ones around the Energy of Money.

My sessions will raise your energetic vibration to tune you into the universal frequency of money, abundance and prosperity. Each session heals the layers of negative core beliefs that you have about money and your self-worth. These powerful sessions will heal the root issues that keep you from living a life of true abundance. By tapping into the power of the universal laws we can transform the energy of the root issue to one of unlimited possibilities. 

My sessions transform the negative energies not only for yourself, but for everyone to create more harmony and prosperity in the Universe. You become part of the ripple effect of the universe to create enriching experiences.

In my tradition we believe your reality is based on your dreams. So you are not what you eat or think, you are what you dream. You eat and think they way you do because of the way you dream. The dream interpretation I do will help you uncover the messages from your unconscious/subconscious what we call your “nahual”. The message will help you on your journey to discover what we refer to as a prisoner of your moon. I will also let you know if you need to cancel the dream so it does not manifest in your reality or to cancel the effects it is already having. I may also walk you through redreaming it if it is something you want to manifest in a beautiful way avoiding any obstacles or thorns on your path. This is not your typical dream interpretation where you have no control and we are just taking a passive look. This will give you the power to create something new and avoid anything that you do not want to manifest.




Sessions are held via zoom or phone. I will send a link prior to our session. If you choose zoom you can receive a recording of the session.


I use a blend of ancient Toltec dream interpretation and manifesting techniques. I typically spend time before our session in meditation and prayer on your dream for guidance on how our session will go and the messages that I am supposed to relay. I open up sacred space before our call and ensure you get my undivided attention.


All sessions are strictly confidential and if I ever do talk about the session I will never disclose your name or any details where someone could figure out what I am talking about. It is important that you feel safe during our session and can speak openly. I also ask that no details from our session be shared without my permission since this includes my intellectual property. You can always share about how you felt and the transformation.


After care. I will give you some tools to use and help you process our session. I will also reach out a few days after to see how you are ensuring you feel supported throughout our time together.

Schedule your Session NOW and live your dream life. 


Before deciding to work with me I invite you to review the code of ethics I apply to my work, my teachings and in my life.  

Let's Make It Rain In All Areas of Your Life!

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