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What if every dream you have ever had has created your reality and led you here to this very moment?


It is said the Chichimeca were the original keepers of sacred knowledge known as Nahualism. The teachings were then passed down to the Toltecs, Aztecs, and Mayans. They have been preserved in secrecy and passed down for thousands of years through the oral tradition of my Chichimeca ancestors.


This story you are about to read is the opposite of what is written in most history books. One of the reasons is that those history books were written by the people that tried to conquer us. I don’t refer to them as conquistadors, because they did not conquer us. We live on through our traditions, songs, ceremonies, and practices. 


The history books state that  Mohtecutzoma, the leader and spokesperson for the Aztecs was a traitor, who surrendered, and was then killed by the Spaniards. The oral tradition, the one that has been passed down uninterrupted for thousands of years gives a completely different story, one in which the dream world is highly regarded.


Based on the oral tradition Mohtecutzoma had been trained in the secret dream warrior practices known as Nahualism. He was a master dreamer, as all warriors and leaders had to be at that time. It is said that in a prophetic dream he saw the future of Mexico. He thought he could avoid the prophecy by willingly giving up the land. 


However, the next in line to assume the role of the spokesperson, Ciutlahuac, had something else in mind. He  did not want to surrender and ordered Mohtecutzoma’s assassination. 

He then orchestrated the attack on the Spaniards. During the battle, the Spaniards were defeated, but they fell into the only body of water that the Aztecs bathed in. The Spaniards had smallpox when they fell into this water and they infected it. When the Aztecs went to bathe they contracted smallpox and that is what killed them.


Ciutlahuac was one of the first to die. Cuahtemoc, the next spokesperson in line saw Mohtecutzoma’s prophecy was coming true and ordered the real treasure of Mexico: the secret codexes, ceremonies, dances, dreaming, healing and manifestation practices to be hidden and preserved in secrecy along with sacred stones. The physical items were buried at sites such as Tula and Teotihuacan. It is said that these treasures will be found one day and everyone will know what really happened. 


The practices were passed down from parent to child, teacher to student for approximately 500 years in secrecy. Many people risked persecution and pretended to be converted into Catholicism so they could be in power positions while they passed on these teachings. My ancestors risked their lives to preserve these teachings. 


It was said that at the dawn of the sixth sun these teachings would be needed and could be shared with the public. The dawn of the sixth sun began in 2012. The prophecy said during this time there would be teachers that would come forward to share this wisdom. I was given the blessing from my teacher to share these practices with the world. 

  • A Native Life Guide and Dream Guide

  • A Traditional Native Wisdom Carrier, Medicine Carrier 

  • An Executive Consultant

  • Reiki Practitioner

  • Ambassador for Native and Indigenous Communities at WEE Global Live

  • A Member of the Personal Finance Speakers Association

  • A Humanitarian


  • Corporations

  • CEO's and Corporate Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs

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  • Schools


Before deciding to work with me I invite you to review the code of ethics I apply to my work, my teachings and in my life. 

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