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© 2016 by Jen "The Rainmaker" Alvarez




It is said to be 4X more powerful to manifest in the dream state than your waking reality


The worlds thought leaders and highly successful people have been lucid dreaming to maximize their potential


My ancestors believed you are what you dream. Your life is the way it is because of the way you dream at night.


You can program your dreams before you go to sleep to reprogram your subconscious.


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Jen Alvarez is a Native Life and Dream Guide, Wisdom Carrier, Medicine Carrier, and Faithkeeper known as “The Rainmaker”.  She teaches ancient native traditional manifestation, healing, and dream practices that have been passed down from her ancestors and elders in the community.


She has been learning these practices since childhood and as an adult she was called to pass on these traditions to help people manifest their dream lives. 


Her mission is to carry on the tradition of her ancestors and teach others how they can have it all and make it rain in every area of their life.

Jen The Rainmaker provides personal consulting, corporate consulting, online classes, one on one dream journeys, inspirational keynote speaking, facilitating events and group training programs. She is currently working on her third book titled Make it Rain: The Journey to Having it All.


Until recently this wisdom has only been passed down orally. Her intent is to keep this work sacred so she works with who she is called to through personal connections, people who are referred to her, and those who reach out that she feels aligned to. This work is meant to be experienced and not explained in simple words.

Find out more about her here.