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One day in December many moons ago  a Dream Warrior was born creating a new YOUniverse. DreamYOUniverse fulfills a prophecy that was spoken of hundreds of years ago, but was billions of years in the making.


Her parents could not decide on a name so she was only given her fathers’ last name which meant Battle Sword. This little girl went on to name herself many different things throughout her life but she ultimately chose the name given to her by an elder. A name that she had to live up to and was in her Cosmic Chart,  Xōchīquetzalli, The Flourishing One and yet she was still the Unnameable One.


In the dream realm she was also known as The Rainmaker, a name given to her by another Elder. In 2018 when she was calling herself The Money Healer, the Elder said “Why in the world are you calling yourself that knowing you are so much more? That name is not fit for your calling.”


She laughed and said “I know but I have not been able to figure out what to call myself.” The Elder knew Xochiquetzalli had grown up in the hood being trained by Wisdom Carriers, Medicine People, Seers and Warriors to prepare her for her calling. This Elder also knew about Xochiquetzalli’s training in Corporate Coaching, Auditing, Compliance, Finance, and Process Design.


The Elder said “You are a Rainmaker!” Immediately Xochiquetzalli felt like that name encompassed the many different sides of her because a Rainmaker in corporate is someone who makes things happen almost as if by magic. Where she grew up when people talked about ‘making it rain’ they meant making good money. One of Xochiquetzalli 's dreams was to help people become financially free . A Rainmaker in Native culture is someone who, while doing the rain dance, is giving thanks for the drought and the lessons it brought. They have to have a faith so strong that they Pray Rain. They are taught to Pray Rain not pray for rain. They don’t pray for rain because to pray for rain means you are in lack, you don’t have. To Pray Rain means you know that which you pray for is already yours. They are taught our greatest prayer is one of "Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!" When doing the rain dance they are taught to feel the rain falling down their bodies, the mud between their toes, and the corn swaying at their shoulder


A Rainmaker would never pray for someones’ health, they would pray perfect health for that person and hold them in the vibration and vision of perfect health. That day as the Elder spoke to Xochiquetzalli , and said “You are The Rainmaker!”

The Rainmaker has a responsibility and a duty to hold her clients and students in the vision and vibration of flourishing to their greatest potential. 

Along her journey she also met  many dream teachers from her lineage. They taught her that her dreams were creating her reality and that she could consciously create the reality she desired. 


As she grew older the YOUniverse grew with her and when she was 40, the clouds sent her a clear message to create DreamYOU University to remind others that YOU are not separate from your Dreams and your Dreams are not separate from YOU. Your dreams are creating YOU and it is YOU who will have to do the work to change them, to change your reality and to change the version of YOU that is no longer serving YOU so YOU can flourish and create your own YOUniverse.

The Rainmaker has helped many students flourish in all areas of their life– teaching them the Dream Warrior practices of her ancestors that were preserved for thousands of years through their oral tradition and hidden from the public until recently. The Rainmaker is currently one of the last Wisdom Carriers for her ancestors and is under the protection of the Dream Warrior Tribal Council.

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